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oak 3 14.11.2004 u 12:30:26 profil autora
gang of four ponovo u originalnoj postavi (zadnji put 1981.), najavljeno 5 gigova.

Gang Of Four Reuniting In January

Gang Of Four, one of the most influential post-punk groups of the late 1970s, has bowed to ongoing pressure from fans and industry supporters and will reform with its original lineup. The band has confirmed five U.K. shows so far, beginning Jan. 23 in Manchester.

The quartet of Jon King (vocals), Andy Gill (guitar and vocals), Dave Allen (bass) and Hugo Burnham (drums) have not worked together in that combination since 1981, by which time its place in the vanguard of the British new wave had been established thanks to the 1978 debut EP "Damaged Goods" and the albums "Entertainment!" and "Solid Gold."

Since then, Gill has become an in-demand producer of such artists as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Killing Joke and the Futureheads. He and King launched a new version of Gang Of Four in the '90s, releasing the albums "Mall" (1991) and "Shrinkwrapped" (1995).

This year, Gang Of Four has been the subject of renewed interest thanks to the success of Scottish rock act Franz Ferdinand, to whom its music bears a strong stylistic resemblance.

Here are Gang Of Four's tour dates:

Jan. 23: Manchester, England (Academy)
Jan. 24: Leeds, England (Leeds University)
Jan. 25: Bristol, England (Academy)
Jan. 27: Birmingham, England (Academy)
Jan. 28: London (Shepherd's Bush Empire)
oak 3 14.11.2004 u 12:36:36 profil autora
solid gold je obilježio doba našeg skoka iz osnovne u srednju školu. što o tome kaže bbc-ov recenzet;

Gang Of Four
Solid Gold

The Gang of Four's debut, the Damaged Goods EP, was one of the best records of 1978. They took the dynamics of a rock band and turned them inside out. They added ideas from dub and reggae and a big dollop of social realism, sexual anxiety and Marxism. Andy Gill's guitar spluttered and crackled, exploding into violent jagged chords. Jon King ranted and yelped.

But Solid Gold comes from 1981. We are in difficult second album territory. I saw them live around this time: they were very loud and pretty exciting. Solid Gold captures none of that. The two extra live tracks included with this reissue give you a better taste of their power. But for the first five tracks of Sold Gold they trudge lumpily through different versions of the same lacklustre idea. The production is really dull.

''Paralyzed'' paints an accurate picture of early eighties Britain: tense, gray, downtrodden and miserable. But it's not much fun to listen to. The album only takes off more than half way through with ''In The Ditch''. This boasts a memorable hook, clever ideas and some real funk.

Much better is the EP Another Day, Another Dollar, also included here. ''To Hell With Poverty'' is a nervy yet toe-tapping slice of white funk. ''Capital (It Fails Us Now)'' is a great song title, and a phrase I still find myself muttering when watching some new fiasco on the evening news.

Bands like Fugazi owe the Gang of Four a big debt for both their music and their attitude. But when Fugazi rage against the system it feels empowered and inspiring. Solid Gold feels like being lectured by a Guardian reader about other people's oppression.

Ironically, the Gang Of Four were more musically advanced than contemporaries like Joy Division or The Fall. But Solid Gold lacks that touch of visionary madness; that lust for extremes that marks a truly great band. Interesting, but not essential.

Reviewer: Nick Reynolds

oak 3 14.11.2004 u 12:38:46 profil autora
a nakon solid gold smo očajnički tražili debi album kultnog benda koji nas je počastio svojim gigom u okviru muzičkog bienalla, Entertainment! je nešt što se plačalo suhim zlatom

Gang of Four - Entertainment! - 1979
by: shrinkwrapped Saturday 10 May 2003
“He fills his head with culture… he gives himself an ulcer.” ~ At Home He’s a Tourist

Gang of Four are everywhere. You wouldn’t notice if you didn’t know what to look for, but their influence can be heard clearly in bands who have formed over the years since their groundbreaking debut ‘Entertainment!’, including Fugazi, Quicksand, Rage Against the Machine, Q and Not U, Sonic Youth, REM, U2, and um…The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Naming themselves after the Maoist 'Gang of Four' group of political/cultural revolutionaries, the band’s initial lineup consisted of Jon King (vocals), Andy Gill (guitar and backing vocals), Hugo Burnham (drums) and Dave Allen (bass). This was the line-up who produced the album in question.

Sonically, Entertainment! is both instantly accessible and uncomfortable to listen to, although not taken to the extreme of their second LP, 'Solid Gold'. Meticulously planned bass and drum patterns will have the listener involuntarily caught up in the rhythm of each track, but will find themselves startled out of nod-along complacency by jarring guitar riffs, feedback and repetitive off-key melodica chords (Simian this ain’t).

“The problem of leisure. What to do for pleasure. Ideal love a new purchase. A market of the senses.” ~ Natural’s Not In It

Lyrically and thematically, Entertainment! is also in a league of its own. The front sleeve is adorned with the scene of a cowboy befriending an Indian in order to exploit him, while inside are television images captioned by phrases such as “however unsavoury, events are shown in a palatable way”. Because of their name and, to be fair, the themes of the majority of their early material, Gang of Four are considered a ‘political band’, but they didn’t see it like that. Instead, as Andy Gill said in an interview with Jason Gross (see links), Gang of Four were simply “singing about elements of everyday life in certain ways. It's quite observational.”

Entertainment! is a collection of observations about the modern consumer life – observations that, if anything, ring just as true today as in 1979. Their approach to the commodification of sexuality is as refreshing and exciting as the angular but rhythmic - even quirky - tone of the music, while many of the lyrics are as uncompromising as the guitar work.

"It's not made by great men... The past lives on in the books at home. No weak men in the books at home. History lives on in the books at home." ~ Not Great Men

The album remains invigorating after many repeated listens, and continues to astound when the year that it was recorded is taken into consideration. It makes a lot of what passed for punk at the time – and today - sound unimaginative and lethargic, leaving the listener to question once again why Gang of Four are not as well known today as The Sex Pistols, Joy Division or REM - the latter regularly supporting them for a time.

Perhaps it was because of their refusal to be commodified – or because their later work was absolute drivel. Luckily, interest in the Gang of Four appears to be picking up, and it is now possible to find Entertainment! in some of the larger high street music retailers. But in keeping with the spirit of the album, check in some of the smaller indie shops first, yeah
oak 3 14.11.2004 u 12:39:43 profil autora

Gang of Four
Warner Bros. BSK 3446
Released: 1979
This British quartet plays the same type of art school-influenced suburban funk as Talking Heads. The lyrics, though, are more political and biting. The beat on many tracks is danceable, but the vocals of the foursome and the odd guitar work contradict the flowing lines of the rhythm. While what is here is not very commercial, the band has toured and has a following. Best cuts: "I Found That Essence Rare," "5:45," "Damaged Goods," "Return The Gift."

- Billboard, 1979.

Bonus Reviews!

This album contains the group's best-known song, "At Home He's a Tourist," subject of a censorship row with the BBC when Top of the Pops would not broadcast the word "rubbers." In spite or because of ensuing publicity, this was the band's most successful LP in Britain, though they did not begin to chart in America until the eighties.

Entertainment! appears in the lists of several of our critics, suggesting that its highly charged collection of social and political comment stimulated the intellect and got the toes tapping of at least an informed fringe of the rock community.

On this record the Gang of Four were Dave Allen, Hugo Burnham, Andy Gill and Jon King. They expressed a philosophy of sorts about the lyrical content of their songs in a note on the inner sleeve which stated, of other artists' tendency to focus on love, "These groups and singers think they appeal to everyone by singing about love because apparently everyone has or can love or so they would have you believe anyway but these groups go along with the belief that love is deep in everyone's personality and I don't think we're saying there's anything wrong with love just don't think that what goes on between two people should be shrouded in mystery."

In 1987, Entertainment! was chosen by a panel of rock critics and music broadcasters as the #41 rock album of all time.

- Paul Gambaccini, The Top 100 Rock 'n' Roll Albums of All Time, Harmony Books, 1987.

With songs like "Love Like Anthrax" and "Damaged Goods," you soon realize that the title of this release is heavy on sarcasm. Still, a decade and a half after its debut, Entertainment! still sounds direct, exciting and uncompromising. And, in spite of GOF's anti-pop tendencies, songs like "I Found That Essence Rare" explode into a singalong chorus that is delightfully shocking. True to their collectivist spirit, Gill, King, Burnham and Allen are a forceful musical unit, and the strength in this unity makes for a great fusion of punk, pop and politics. Easily one of the best records of the post-punk era. Issued on CD by Infinite Zero in 1995. * * * * *

- John Dougan, The All-Music Guide to Rock, 1995.

Gang of Four's Entertainment! is a spellbinding collection of politicized, funky post-punk. Because the lyrics are fragmented and opaque, they largely avoid the truisms that befall preachier songwriters. * * * *

- Simon Glickman, Musichound Rock: The Essential Album Guide, 1996.

The raw truth shines through on this Leeds UK quartet's staccato, danceable disc -- a vital, seminal set of neo-Marxist rock that remains one of the greatest political albums, making the Gang what Rage Against the Machine always wanted to be. With its shockingly sharp songs and ironic, striking, socially conscious lyrics wrapped in dissonance, it's a model for all to follow and highly recommended for anyone who missed the punk revolution of the late 1970s. * * * * *

- Zagat Survey Music Guide - 1,000 Top Albums of All Time, 2003.

Formed in 1977, Gang of Four combined Marxist politics with punk rock. They played staccato guitar-driven funk, and the stiff, jerky aggression of songs such as "Damaged Goods" and "I Found That Essence Rare" invented a new style that's still influencing young bands such as Rapture.

oak 3 14.11.2004 u 12:45:05 profil autora
kako je net sveta stvar.
klikneš i nađeš.
u prilogu program bienalla 1981.godine

11. Music Biennale Zagreb, 1981
International Fesival of Contemporary Music
9. - 16. 5. 1981.

Artistic Council

President: Stanko Horvat
Honorary President: Milko Kelemen
Vice-President: Karlo Kraus
Members: Marcel Bačić, Božo Bek, Natko Devčić, Fred Došek, Milan Grgić, Mirjana Jakelić, Ljiljana Kristl, Miro Križić, Vladimir Kondres, Igor Kuljerić, Anđelko Maras, Jagoda MArtinčević-Lipovčan, Frano Parać, Zlatko Pibernik, Miroslav Poljanec, Marko Ruždjak, Mladen Sedak, Ivo Vuljević, Noni Žunec
Programme Committee
Artistic Director: Igor Kuljerić
Members: Marija Božić, Natko Devčić, Fred Došek, Stanko Horvat, Jasmina Juračić, Seadeta Midžić, Mladen Mazur, Frano Parać, Miljenko Prohaska, Marko Ruždjak, Eva Sedak
Executive Committee: Stanko Horvat, Igor Kuljerić
Executive Producer: Miroslav Poljanec

Programme: Society of Croatian Composers
Organized by: Zagreb Concert Management


Saturday, May 9

Croatian National Theatre - 19.30

National Theatre Ballet, Sarajevo
Boris Ulrich: Folk-Sinfonia
Choreography: Slavko Pervan
Shin-Ichiro Ikebe: Inochi/Creature
Choreography: Michito Kataoka

Drama Theatre "Gavella" - 22.00

Piccola Scala, Milano
Sylvano Bussotti: Le Racine
Conductor: Massimo de Bernart
Directed by: Sylvano Bussotti
Soloists: Halina Nieckarz, Andre Battedou, Giancarlo Montanaro, Giancarlo Luccardi, Mauro Marchetti, Rocco, Ivan Mikhashoff, Antonio Menicucci, Michel Rakotosaona, Massimo Vargiu

Sunday, May 10

Concert Hall "Vatroslav Lisinski" Concert Hall, Chamber Hall and foyers - 19.30

MBZ Non-Stop I
Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Milan Horvat
Soloist: Zsigmond Szathmáry, organ
Programme: Kelemen, Serocki

- - -

Barry Guy, double-bass, London
Programme: Guy

- - -

Slovak Philharmonic Choir, Bratislava
Conductor: Lubomir Matl
Programme: Kulenović, Radica*, Hrušovsky

- - -

Barry Guy, double-bass
Programme: Druckman, Stuppner, Parać

- - -

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
Also particapting: Slovak Philharmonic Choir
Conductor: Milan Horvat
Programme: Sakač, Gorecki

- - -

Željko Marasović, organ
Neven Frangeš, piano
Programme: improvisation

- - -

Belgrade String Orchestra "Dušan Skovran"
Conductor: Aleksandar Pavlović
Soloist: Vera Ogrizović, guitar
Programme: Trajković, Komadina, Lutoslawski

Monday, May 11

Croatian National Theatre - 19.30

Riksteatern Stockholm
The Bearded Mamselle
Pantomime-anecdote about a legendary thief in women's clothing
Choreography, stage design and sound: Ivo Cramér
Soloists: Terje Thoresen, Solveig Akerberg, John Massey

- - -

Music: Collage
Choreography and costumes: Kjell Nilsson
Soloists: Gunilla Thorssell, Ulla Pe, Christer Reveny, Solveig Akerberg

- - -

Dragon Power
Music: Davor Kajfeš
Choreography: Ingegerd Lönnroth
Soloists: Helena Högberg, Per Larsen, Ulla Pe, Christer Reveny, Thomas Sandberg, Pia Thörngren

- - -

Treading on Bread
Choreography, stage design and music: Ivo Cramér
Soloists: Gunilla Thorssell, Helena Högberg, Christer Reveny, John Massey, Per Larsen, Thomas Sandberg, Pia Thörngren, Lillemor Blanc, Terje Thoresen, Christopher Landberg, Solveig Akerberg, Ulla Pe

Croatian Music Institute - 22.00

Soloist ensemble of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
Conductor: Aleksandar Lazarev
Programme: Ščedrin*, Slonimski*, Gubajdulina, Mansurian, Ives, Šnitke, Korndorf

&TD Theatre - 22.00

Trevor Wishart's Music Spectacle
Peter Coleman, visual effects, mime, stage manage
electro cute 14.11.2004 u 18:42:08 profil autora
love will get you like a case of anthrax
and that is something i dont wanna cactch

ja ne volim suhu mjuzu. ja volim kad ima dvadeset slojeva muzika, kad je sve natopljeno zvukom, kad se on cijedi iz tekstura ko voda iz spužve...jedini bend koji je suh ko kost koja je ležala dvadeset godina na pustinjskom suncu je gang of four. entertainment! je jedan od najboljih albuma ikad. i jedan od utjecajnijih. na primjer, franz ferdinand, koji su, je li, krivi za jedan od najboljih albuma ove godine, navode ih ko direktne uzore.
eh kad bi bar svratili blizu. iako me malo strah.