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Dear David,
please find enclosed 8 songs which is going to be major part of music for our new album. Very probably album is going to contain 10 or 11 songs. Other songs are still in progress and as soon as we finished we are going to send it to you. 
Here are the titles of the songs:
1. Zdenka i vanzemaljci (Zdenka and the aliens) 
2. Foxtroit (Foxtroit)
3. Gravitacija (Gravitation)
4. Popravak (The fix)
5. Sin (Son)
6. Slan (Salty)
7. Teroristi placu (Terrorists cry)
8. Idealna pop pjesma za astronaute (The ideal pop song for astronauts)
I met Peter Shershin in New York few weeks ago and we agreed that we try to repeat successful cooperation and similar model as in 2003 for our last album "Drvece i rijeke".
We are very curious to hear from you comments and we would really appreciate if you could send us kind of review of our music.
Production in done by same producer tandem Pavle Miholjevic and Jura Ferina and they are willing to come together with Dubravko and Ivan (co-author of songs and new
band multi-instrumentalist) whenever you find a week for a mix and if necessary additional production.
Looking forward to hear from you soon. As well as from Peter regarding financial aspects of the deal.
Kindness regards.
Emil Tedeschi
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From: Fridmann [mailto:fridmann@--------]
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:32 PM
To: Emil Tedeschi; Peter Shershin
Subject: Re: Confirmation

I got them all.  Thanks!  I will listen very soon and report back to you.  I listened a little to make sure that the files worked and I'm already excited by the little I heard!